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Radek Šidla

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Intermediation of art work

For the applicants for intermediation whether of a permanent engagement or of hosting of individual roles I would like to state beforehand that finding a work in the artistic field is also a question of luck and coincidence to a certain extent. I would recommend to young and inexperienced artists whether from the Czech Republic or from not German speaking countries to apply for work at first in home theaters and to learn foreign languages at the same time – this especially the German language and to have at least one monolog or a scene worked up in German. It is not a sung text but a spoken text. World or German operetta, being from a big part in German, is played often in German theatres.

Why do I speak of a fortune and coincidence? Choristering depends on the daily voice form and also on the mental condition. Travelling is many times more tiring than one thinks and a new environment where another language is spoken can take someone by surprise or, on the contrary, to help another one. Therefore the best advice for choristering is thorough preparation. I don´t have any formula for successfulness, just one more advice.

Be at the right place at the right moment.

How to apply for co-operation?

Choristering will take place several times per year in Prague. If you would like to invite me for your performance I will be happy to come but I have to state beforehand that, of course, I cannot be everywhere. For the choristering I would ask you for at least 5 arias to choose, one of which has to be in the German language (if you don´t have any opera aria or scene, also a piece of operetta can be recited). The charge for the choristering- related cost amounts to 15 €.

After choristering I will be sincere to everybody and I will be informing you whether I can do something for you or as the case may be what is necessary to be improved from my point of view. It is better if you know at which situation you are at and you can expect from me as from an agency. I would like to emphasis here that the artists that do not master any world language – have a substantially lesser chance to succeed.